MESOESTETIC Bodyshock Firm'up 120ml
MESOESTETIC Bodyshock Firm'up 120ml

MESOESTETIC Bodyshock Firm'up 120ml

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Firming cream with tightening and restructuring active ingredients for a firmer, more toned skin.

The combination of firmware complex™, made up of caffeine and L-carnitine encapsulated in liposomes, with the African Kigelia extract, provides turgor to areas with flaccidity such as arms, buttocks and breasts. A molecular film consisting of amino acids and proteins that moisturises and gives an immediate tightening effect. The combination of a formula with a massage roller improves the spreadability and application of the product, enhancing the active ingredient's effect and providing an immediate feeling of freshness.

How to use:
Apply in the morning and/or at night with the help of the massage roller, with a gentle upward massage until fully absorbed.

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