MESOESTETIC Cosmelan Home Pack
MESOESTETIC Cosmelan Home Pack

MESOESTETIC Cosmelan Home Pack

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Mesoestetic Cosmelan Home Pack combines 3 essential products to treat hyperpigmented spots:

- MESOESTETIC Cosmelan 2 30gr: intensive depigmenting cream, indicated for the correction of hyperpigmented spots and regulation of melanin production. It is suitable for all skin phototypes and, in addition, it is highly effective in the treatment of various types of pigmentation such as melasma, chloasma, age or age spots, lentigo, induced by oral contraceptives, or post-inflammatory.

- MESOESTETIC Melan Recovery 50ml: soothing balm that reduces sensitivity in skin subjected to intensive medical-aesthetic treatments. This balm is highly soothing, providing a feeling of immediate relief from the skin, therefore it is recommended to soften and comfort the skin after treatments such as Cosmelan Pack and Cosmelan 2.

- MESOESTETIC Melan 130+ 50ml: sunscreen, light texture, with color, which protects the skin against UVA, UVB, IV and Visible Light (HEV) radiation. The active ingredient that makes this formulation very particular is the depigmenting active, helping to regulate the melanin formation process triggered by the sun. Ideal for skin with a tendency to the formation of blemishes!

Combats stains; Protects the skin from solar radiation; Reduces skin sensitivity, redness and irritation; Enhances the optimal functioning of the cutaneous defense system; Provides a soothing and soothing action for sensitive and sensitized skin; Restores the barrier function and reduces the feeling of tightness and discomfort; Prevents the reappearance of new skin hyperpigmentations, improves skin tone and enhances skin elasticity.

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